Sunday, July 4, 2010

Report on World Chinese Muslim Trade and Culture Forum & Exhibition

I make this report is to share the knowledge that I gain from the World Chinese Muslim Trade and Culture Forum & Exhibition at Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MINES) on Thursday, 20 May 2010. World Chinese Muslim Trade and Culture Forum & Exhibition are programs that open ever one eye about the important world Chinese Muslim and relationship between trade and culture. GPTD UNISEL has been invited by the Malay Islamic World of Business directory to come to the event. 4 GPTD UNISEL volunteer join to the event including me.

The event start with speech by important person for this project that is Y. Bhg Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew (Founder of Country Heights Holdings Berhad), Dato’ Dr. Haji Mustapa Ma (President of Malaysia Chinese Muslim Association (MACMA)), and Opening Ceremony by Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir (Deputy Ministry of International Trade and industry).

As the business management student it is my opportunity to gain knowledge about the world Chinese Muslim trade and culture. “Science, Culture, and economic cannot be separate” and “Chinese Muslim not just for Islam but also the culture” say by the Madam Hong Mei Xiang, Chairman of Political Consultative Conference of Yinchuan as a first speaker she explain an overview of investment Opportunity in Ningxia Province. Yinchuan is one of the Islam residential areas in China and it is a great place for investment and Halal food produce grow in China. The objective of Yinchuan is creating new market to exchange and create a win-win solution.

The second speaker explain about the Halal western food development in china by Mr. Wang jun, Chairman of Ning Xia Sunny Napoli Meal Drinks Chain Administration Co. Ltd. Halal western food been grow ever year the increasing of buyer help the Halal western food to develop.

The third and fort speaker explain about Business Condition and Opportunity in Kazakhstan with Donggan. The third speaker is Darorv Hussein An, President of Kazakhstan Donggan Association and the fort speaker Mr. Yunusov Abdujalil Majitivitch, Counsellor of Public Association of Donggan, Kyrgyzstan.

The Emerging of Global Halal Space and the Halal e-Marketplace explain by the five speakers that is En. Khairil Ismahafiz, CEO of Dagang Halal.

Second last speaker Mr. Liow Ren Jan, CEO of Ays Sdn. Bhd. He explains the Ever Growing Food Industry of Malaysia and It’s Potential to Storm the International Market. For you information he was not Islam but the Ays Sdn. Bhd. produce Halal food for him Halal food not for Islam because it can be eat by ever one beside that Halal food also clean and healthy.

The last speaker was explaining by En Mohd. Amir Abdullah, Officer of Halal Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). He explains the International Standard and Certification in Malaysia. He explains the poses that JAKIM uses for the Halal certification in Malaysia.

That is about the forum and for the exhibition join by non-government and government to promote they product and services including the Melaka government open a both for international and local to promote Malaysia Sport (SUKMA) Xlll at Melaka on the 10 Jun to 19 Jun 2010. I only can report the first session only because I have to attend other program

Thank you for the invention by the GPTD UNISEL, for invite me to World Chinese Muslim Trade and Culture Forum & Exhibition, because of some problem I only can attending session 1 from 2 session from on this even, by attending to this even I gain knowledge about the world Chinese Muslim trade and culture, also introduce me to the real world business that can be use for my study in Diploma Business Management and my daily life.

Thank you,

Prepare by,

Khairul Anwar Bin Korai
Exco Unit Media

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