Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Friendship & Unity

Grup Pengkaji Tamadun Dunia (GPTD) Unisel attended a program called “Celebrating Friendship & Unity “. It was held at HGH Convention Center in KL. There were around 200 people who came to the program. Firstly we prayed our Maghrib prayers together, and then there was a different type of prayers conducted by the Malay, Indian, Punjabi, Buddhist, Christian. Actually the prayer shouldn’t take part because it affects the other religions who listen to their prayers and people can misunderstand the concept of the prayer. 

Thus, people that have less knowledge about their own religion maybe can convert their religion to the others. We must take this part seriously because some of the religion such as Islam really prohibits the convert of religion. A speech given by one of the VIP name Dato J Jegadessan. There was an orchestra about music instrument playing by various religions like Malay,   Indian, Christian, Sikh and Buddhist. The Malay played the seruling, the Christian played the piano and guitar, the Indian played tabla, the Punjabis played the dhol and the Buddhist played kanling. The second orchestra was the song “Rasa Sayang".                                                                                                            
The most interesting part was there was a theater about friendship. It was played by Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Punjabi. The theater starts like this once upon a time, there was a grandfather telling stories to his grandson about his friendship with his friends.  He had 3 best friends from the other religion Indian, Punjabi, Chinese. The Punjabi friend of his bought a motorcycle n he tells his best friends about it. Suddenly, the Punjabi friend of his need to operate his throat. His friends were sad and crying for him. After the operation, he feels much better. The Indian guy wanted to be a cartoon grapher but his father wants him to take care of his business as the father was growing old. He always fights with his father about this thing. 

Finally, the father agreed with his son’s opinion to be a cartoon grapher. The Chinese guy had a financial problem because he have to pay to “Along” as he borrowed money from him. So he told his friends about his problem. His friends help him out with the money. Suddenly, the Chinese boy’s sister was kidnapped by “Along” because the Chinese guy did not pay his money yet. Then, when he brings the money his sister is saved by his friends and the money was gone to “Along”. The Chinese guy was sad because his friend’s money was gone. He tried to save the money but he couldn’t save it. The Christian guy had to take care of his father. That’s all. The moral value of this story was we must unite even though we are from different religion. The grandfather told his grandson that we must friend with everyone even though they are from different religion.              

By the way, this theater is good because it teach us a lesson about friendship-bonding. It is interesting to have this kind of theater in the society. As we all know Malaysia is a multi-racial country, so we must be together no matter in what situation. We must unite and be friend with each other even though we are from different religion. So, this theater can attract the society to unite.
Overall, we can say that, this program is really attractive and useful for the future generation. The idea of the people that create this program should be given praise because they are able to create and think such an awesome and unique program. This program is good for all of us. It is amazing to have this kind of program in the society. The idea of creating this program is very creative and innovative. So, if we still keep going with this kind of program in the future it will give benefit to the future generation. The advantage of this program is it is easy to conduct this program in a smaller or bigger group. The disadvantage of this program is it takes a lot of time and hard work to conduct this program. If we do an improvement in this program, this program will become better. 

At the end, we should spread about this program to the media such as television, radio, newspaper, internet to tell about this program and when we tell them about this program, we encourage them to participate in this program. Last but not least, we as a Malaysians should be happy and proud that we were born here in Malaysia. Malaysia is a very unique and peaceful country. We must take care of our country so that the future generation will live peacefully and harmoniously.

Ratna is a final-year Diploma in Education (TESL) student at Universiti Selangor and active as a GPTD volunteer. Connecting with her at!/mzakiah

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